Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

UK Government naivety

The incredibly stupid and out of touch UK government has made it illegal for any UK made porn film to show activities such as spanking, bondage, female ejaculation and Penetration by any object “associated with violence” (such as a toy gun)!

Interestingly it has also banned "verbal abuse" whether consensual or not.

The really stupid part is that it ISN'T illegal to watch them!!

What has the ASMR banned from UK porn?

The following acts are now banned from both DVD and online porn sold in the UK, on the grounds that they could be dangerous.

•‘Aggressive’ whipping
•Penetration by any object “associated with violence” (such as a toy gun)
•Urination (known as ‘water sports’)
•Role-playing as non-adults
•Physical restraint (such as tying people up)
•Female ejaculation

The regulations class the last three acts as “potentially life-threatening”.

More controversially, it has banned any kind of “physical or verbal abuse”, regardless of whether it is consensual or not.

Others argue that the ASMR is sexist, on the grounds that acts associated with female pleasure, such as female ejaculation and face-sitting are restricted, whilst their male equivalents are not.

Go figure!

More about the rules and the protest against them here:


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