Montag, 12. Mai 2014

Ava Courcelles and Allan Théo

From the Eropolis Strasbourg show in January. I was privileged to see the performance by Ava Courcelles and Allan Théo. What a combination! 

It is obvious that they know each other very well as the chemistry between them is electric.

This is the sexy secretary routine.

It all began innocently . . .

 But then the temperature began to rise . . 

Then came a sensual "pas de deux"

... and a fiery finale.

A fantastic and sensual performance by two professional performers who thrilled the audience and left us wanting more.

For the ladies. Allan also has a successful music career. here is one of his songs. 

Links for Allan and Ava.

This is the official site for Ava.
Ava's twitter account is here.
Videos for Ava are here and here.
Ava is on Facebook here and here.

Allan is on Twitter.
He can also be found on Wikipedia in English and in French
His official website is here.

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